Established in 2012, the mission of MATCH is to promote an active engagement in crip/queer theory and theoretically savvy activism, and to build networks of readers and thinkers across disciplines & professions.

Previously, monthly reading groups have proven a successful way to collect together scholars interested in topics related to crip and queer theory. We remembered the Low Theory discussion where MATCH affirmed through J. Jack Halberstam's Queer Art of Failure that philosophically rich cultural studies does not require participants to been fluent in a wide range of jargon or have the whole bibliography of theoretical texts under their belt. In that spirit, in October 2015 MATCH held a return to the basics reading group of Cripistemologies: A Virtual Roundtable.

In order to improve academic praxis as well as theory, MATCH runs seasonal American Sign Language (ASL) and Braille 101 Workshops in the Fall and Spring respectively. The purpose of these workshops is not to profess or learn mastery of these critically important languages but to increase exposure and familiarity.

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